Saturday, November 1, 2008

SCS Butter

This is my favorite brand of butter. It's salted butter. Maybe i'm old-fashioned. Been eating SCS Butter since i was just a kid. There is an unsalted version now. And also a spreadable version. I havent tried either. But i've always preferred salted butter. As far as spreadable types are concerned, those are for kids, lol.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Yup. Sheltered from sun and rain here. And yet, still get to enjoy fresh air. I prefer sitting outdoor than in enclosed areas. Especially air-conditioned rooms that dries my skin. No amount of water will compensate for the water loss that way.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Triangular sandwiches

Made these with my automatic sandwich maker. I arranged them this way so that the condensation doesnt turn the bottom of the sandwich soggy. This has Egg Mayo filling, which happens to be the easiest to make. We do have eggs all year round. Delicious with a glass of warm milk.

Another favorite filling of mine is Tuna Mayo. The thing is i keep forgetting to buy Tuna back each time i do my grocery shopping. I'll be going out soon. Let's hope i buy some back afterwards. Been a long time since i last ate sandwich with Tuna Mayo filling.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Late night supper at Mamak stall

Cant even remember how long it's been since i last had a plate of Maggi Mee Goreng here. I love Maggi Mee Goreng. Each time i have a bite at a Mamak Stall, this is what i'll order. And also a glass of iced lemon tea. Being a fulltime blogger can be boring at times. It's good to leave the house for a breath of fresh air every now and then. With a fresh mind, i can think better and churn out better contents for my blogs.

Friday, August 1, 2008

View from the balcony

I'm not at the balcony. More like behind the gates that prevent lunatics from jumping off it. Was taken away by this scenic view of the school field. Have never been inside the school compound all my life. But i guess it's just like any other school field.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A locksmith's toolbox

What's there to do when the locksmith is changing your doorknob for you? For reasons known only to the door, it refused to open. The doorknob needs changing anyway. I have a feeling this will just happen anytime. The carpenter who fixed it for me last time was a lousy one.

The new doorknob cost 70 bucks, and the locksmith charged me 30 bucks for the workmanship. This took place at night. If it's midnight, i may have to pay more. I hope this new doorknob lasts forever. Or at least until i move away. Till then....

Ward 5a

This is ward 5a, where my dad was hospitalised earlier. It's actually a scene from Ipoh General Hospital, now renamed to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Long eh. No matter what you rename it to, it'll always be referred to as Ipoh GH.

I've stayed there before. On the 8th floor to be exact. Cant really remember when. Maybe when i was about 12 years old. Gosh, that was more than 2 decades ago. Time flies, huh. The place has changed a lot for the better since then. Better service and treatment.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car keys

Nah, just my set of car keys. Errrrr..... no. Not my car either. I rephrase. It's the family car keys, lol. Dont have money to buy my own car yet. With interest rates keep going up, up, up and up. Why bother buying some thing which i have no use for. Maybe just to make my porch looks better with a huge piece of metal there.

What's your dream car? I like the Volkswagen Beetle. Have always been, will always be. But i dont think i want to fork out so much for a car. Sigh.... one can always dream.

Guiling Gao

Guiling Gao is a kind of Chinese herbal jelly. Good to eat on a hot day. Guiling Gao has a bitter taste to it. Some people eat Guiling Gao with honey. The bottle with the brown liquid in it is honey. I do eat Guiling Gao with honey sometimes. Have you eaten Guiling Gao before? It's an acquired taste. Kinda like a love it or hate it thingy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pigeons on the pavement

These pigeons are very much oblivious to me snapping away at them. I was waiting for my friend who's having a hard time looking for a car park along the street. And that's when i noticed the pigeons on the pavement. I approached them slowly, scared i might frighten them away, lol.

Curious passerbys stopped to look at me. Thinking i must be mad to stand under the hot sun with my phone in hand. If only they know, haha. But who cares. Not that i have to let them know that i am a moblogger. Enjoy the pic.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dead bird

Found this dead bird beside the house. No idea how it ended up here. Maybe it once belonged to my neighbor, who has a lot of birds. To me, every bird looks the same. How to tell them apart? Only my freaky neighbor knows.

The thing now is i have to get rid of this dead bird before it starts to spread whatever killed it in the first place pronto. You know, bird flu and such. Dont play play. Can die from it, no joke. Now, where shall i bury it?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I cant really remember when was the last time i had durians. Have you tasted the King of Fruits before. Its pungent and sweet taste will leave you yearning for more. I seldom eat durians nowadays. Maybe it's because no one buys any back home.

It's durian season again and the King of Fruits is sold everywhere along walkways and roadsides. Inconsiderate motorists will just stop and park their cars or motorcycles anywhere they deem fit just so they can buy a few back. Are you guilty of that? Dont, k.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dirty Crocs

Light-colored Crocs get dirty easily. See how dirty my yellow Crocs are compared to the red colored pair. I have another pair of Crocs pumps in red resin and pink canvas too but i prefer this yellow pair as it's more comfortable and airy.

I think it's time i get another pair of Crocs so that i can wear that whilst this is in the wash. The pair of Mickey Crocs looks cute and i might just pick that up on my next trip to the Crocs shop. I cant get enough of Crocs, lol. Ever since i started wearing Crocs, the rest of my shoes and heels have not seen daylight for a long time. Too bad those Crocs heels looks awful. They look way better in magazines. I dont mind buying a pair of Crocs Maryjanes too if they have the size and color that i want. I'll definitely buy dark colored Crocs this time. Cant be walking around in a pair of dirty Crocs always.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spider crabs

These huge spider crabs cost at least rm500 each. Enough for four. I dont find spider crabs special except for the size and price, lol. Another credit card busting item. I wonder how many of these spider crabs are sold each day. I wont eat these spider crabs unless someone is footing the bill. I have better use for my money than pay for spider crabs. Have you eaten spider crabs before? I'm sure spider crabs taste just like any other kinds of crabs out there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supper's over

Had Lam Meen just now. Also ordered toast and milk tea. Feeling rather full now. The night is still early. Got a few things to wrap up before i can head to bed. This pic was taken with the O2 Zinc. It may not be the best camera phone around, but will do when the rest of my other gadgets' battery goes dead. With some tweaking with the settings, the pics are decent enough.

Not that i take pics with the O2 Zinc much. Still, it's a handy gadget with a slideout qwerty keyboard. I've ditched the N73 for the new N82. From now onwards. The rest of the pics here will be taken with N82. It really takes great pics. Just why i took so long to make the switch is beyond me, lol. Yayaya, the gadget queen is talking. Wonder what's gonna catch my eyes next...

Friday, May 2, 2008


It's nice to sit and observe quietly from one corner. There's just so much to see and hear. But i find Starbucks a tad too cold for my liking, especially during rainy days. I should really get round to buying a good cardigan and keep it in the car in case the need for it arise. Saw one at Esprit the other day and liked it. Hope there's still one in my size.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've never really liked roadside hawker food, especially lok-lok, or roadside steamboat. During my clubbing days, there was this stall right opposite the club i frequent. And each time i go there, i can see many people eating at the stall. They will dip the skewered food into the pot of boiling water, wait for it to cook, and finally, dip it into the satay sauce or chilli before stuffing it into their faces.

I really dont fancy the idea of everyone dipping their food into the same sauce before eating due to hygienic reasons on my part. Cos there are always those that will dip their uneaten pieces into the same sauce again and again. That's how diseases like hepatits A and B is spread, k. I really dont need to retch to bring anything up. One look at those people will do the trick. So, dont be stupid. Stay far far away from roadside lok-lok stalls. Unless you wanna screw up your health.

Somehow, things have changed now. I wont eat lok-lok until i see how it's being prepared and served. Unlike those days where it was more of a roadside thing. You can find lok-lok stalls at foodcourts. I took a chance an ordered some on one of my trips there. I told the stall owner to pour fresh sauce from the bottle for me and not from where people dip theirs into. And boy, it's really been a long while since i ate this. And yes, it delicious.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Silver cutlery

Went to the new Kenny Roger's at Parkson Grand for a late lunch. Or rather, tea, as it's past 4pm. And these are the silver cutlery i used for my meal The chicken meal is as bland as ever. Tasteless chicken with no bite, tasteless gravy with a few miserable mushrooms in it. Spaghetti is too dry and not enough sauce. Muffins as sweet as ever. Didnt order any drinks as i prefer plain water with my meal. Dont think i'll ever dine there again.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I rellay should be ashamed of myself. With so many tourists flocking from all over trying to get hold of one of the juiciest pomelo fruit in town, here i am, in the land where pomelos are grown and yet i dont take the trouble to even peel open one and eat. Call me lazy but i guess i'm just that. Here's the very last piece of the sweetest and juiciest pomelo fruit i've ever tasted. And boy, am i glad i sank my teeth into it. Thank god there's another pomelo lying around. Makes a great salad, yummmmm. Have you tasted a pomelo before. It's just like a huge grapefruit. I'll upload a pic of the remaining pomelo later on.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Red tanglungs

This is how my porch looks like now. With two red tanglung at the front. It looks washed in the picture. I just hope there's no more thunderstorm and strong wind. Our previous red tanglungs were practically blown off the porch in the last heavy rain, lol. They do look quite good at night. But if only this is my own place, i would definitely spruce it up more.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tea drinking for health

It's been a long time since i last made myself Oolong tea. This is called South Mountain and the last pot i'm going to make. After this, i'll switch back to my regular Longjin tea, my all time favorite. I still have a new can inside the fridge. It's time to take it out. Will make the best tea to serve friends and relatives who drop by for visits during Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prosperity Rat

I cannot resist taking a pic of this oh-so-cute Prosperity Rat. I bet you must have heard of the Japanese Prosperity Cat. But have you heard and seen a Prosperity Rat before? So, here you go. Isnt it cute. I had to kneel down and snap at this Prosperity Rat as fast as i could as this mall does not allow photographing in their premise, lol. If the mood arise, i just might go and but his Prosperity Rat back. Hope this Prosperity Rat will make me prosperous in the year of the Big Fat Rat. Just dont buy the Prosperity Cat back this year. It'll eat your Prosperity Rat!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anatomy of an asshole

As you can see this is very much a one way street. Too bad this idiot doest think so. His car was on our right when we arrived and a car was just reversing out from thr parking on our left. He prevented us from parking and drove straight in, what an asshole. Too bad there was nothing much anyone can do about. This is just one of those days that i feel like kicking someone in the groin. Prick.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fountain at Ipoh Padang

It looks horrible now. No sign of water coming out of it. Even if there is, it lacks the ooomph. This is how it's become now. Our state spent a lot of money constructing this fountain but forgot to maintain it well. Sigh.... What a waste of money. Might as well use it to construct good drainage system since it's like money gone down the drains.

Friday, January 18, 2008

McDonald's Prosperity burger

I've been staring at this poster for a long time. But cant muster up the courage to go get a set and sink my teeth into the Prosperity Beef Burger. Each time i eat one, i'm guaranteed a sore throat the very next day. Just my luck, lol. But what the heck, it's only once a year. Next trip. I'll get a set and post it up here. Wait, ya.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby Chinese cabbage

I love cabbage. Do you? I just love its color. So green, so fresh. I love it stir-fried with some chopped garlic and onions. Best if topped with some oyster sauce. My mom loves it with some dried prawns. I prefer mine plain. What about you? Plain or with condiments?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Backlit keyboard

Without my backlit keyboard, i'll not be able to work at night. Not an expensive item. Costs only about rm160 or so. Bought this backlit keyboard many months ago when i got fed up of typing in the dim light of my bedroom. Before this, i thought of buying one of those gaming keyboard as they are backlit. But, the shopowner recommended me this as he knows i'm only interested in the backlit function and those gaming keyboards cost a bomb. In the region of rm400 each. So, do you like my backlit keyboard or not.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sinfully yours

Ahhh... lovely sight, isnt it? This place sells the best cheesecakes in town. There was a time when i only wanted sponge cake for fear of getting fat. But over the years, i've come to a conclusion that i'll never ever get fat no matter how much fat i pile into me. I'm skinny as a tick and loving it. I can indulge shamelessly and get away with it, lol. So, here you see lots of cheesecakes. Raspberry cheesecake, marble cheesecake, lemon cheesecake, Oreo's cheesecake, and even healthy cheesecake, lol. So, what's your favorite cheesecake? Dont like cheesecakes? Time you head over to Secret Recipe and sink your teeth into one.