Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Prosperity Rat

I cannot resist taking a pic of this oh-so-cute Prosperity Rat. I bet you must have heard of the Japanese Prosperity Cat. But have you heard and seen a Prosperity Rat before? So, here you go. Isnt it cute. I had to kneel down and snap at this Prosperity Rat as fast as i could as this mall does not allow photographing in their premise, lol. If the mood arise, i just might go and but his Prosperity Rat back. Hope this Prosperity Rat will make me prosperous in the year of the Big Fat Rat. Just dont buy the Prosperity Cat back this year. It'll eat your Prosperity Rat!!!

1 comment: said...

I also want a prosperity rat jor. My lk rat, my #3 rat and rat is good for dragon wor.