Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I cant really remember when was the last time i had durians. Have you tasted the King of Fruits before. Its pungent and sweet taste will leave you yearning for more. I seldom eat durians nowadays. Maybe it's because no one buys any back home.

It's durian season again and the King of Fruits is sold everywhere along walkways and roadsides. Inconsiderate motorists will just stop and park their cars or motorcycles anywhere they deem fit just so they can buy a few back. Are you guilty of that? Dont, k.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dirty Crocs

Light-colored Crocs get dirty easily. See how dirty my yellow Crocs are compared to the red colored pair. I have another pair of Crocs pumps in red resin and pink canvas too but i prefer this yellow pair as it's more comfortable and airy.

I think it's time i get another pair of Crocs so that i can wear that whilst this is in the wash. The pair of Mickey Crocs looks cute and i might just pick that up on my next trip to the Crocs shop. I cant get enough of Crocs, lol. Ever since i started wearing Crocs, the rest of my shoes and heels have not seen daylight for a long time. Too bad those Crocs heels looks awful. They look way better in magazines. I dont mind buying a pair of Crocs Maryjanes too if they have the size and color that i want. I'll definitely buy dark colored Crocs this time. Cant be walking around in a pair of dirty Crocs always.