Friday, June 13, 2008

Dirty Crocs

Light-colored Crocs get dirty easily. See how dirty my yellow Crocs are compared to the red colored pair. I have another pair of Crocs pumps in red resin and pink canvas too but i prefer this yellow pair as it's more comfortable and airy.

I think it's time i get another pair of Crocs so that i can wear that whilst this is in the wash. The pair of Mickey Crocs looks cute and i might just pick that up on my next trip to the Crocs shop. I cant get enough of Crocs, lol. Ever since i started wearing Crocs, the rest of my shoes and heels have not seen daylight for a long time. Too bad those Crocs heels looks awful. They look way better in magazines. I dont mind buying a pair of Crocs Maryjanes too if they have the size and color that i want. I'll definitely buy dark colored Crocs this time. Cant be walking around in a pair of dirty Crocs always.

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