Thursday, July 31, 2008

A locksmith's toolbox

What's there to do when the locksmith is changing your doorknob for you? For reasons known only to the door, it refused to open. The doorknob needs changing anyway. I have a feeling this will just happen anytime. The carpenter who fixed it for me last time was a lousy one.

The new doorknob cost 70 bucks, and the locksmith charged me 30 bucks for the workmanship. This took place at night. If it's midnight, i may have to pay more. I hope this new doorknob lasts forever. Or at least until i move away. Till then....

Ward 5a

This is ward 5a, where my dad was hospitalised earlier. It's actually a scene from Ipoh General Hospital, now renamed to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun. Long eh. No matter what you rename it to, it'll always be referred to as Ipoh GH.

I've stayed there before. On the 8th floor to be exact. Cant really remember when. Maybe when i was about 12 years old. Gosh, that was more than 2 decades ago. Time flies, huh. The place has changed a lot for the better since then. Better service and treatment.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Car keys

Nah, just my set of car keys. Errrrr..... no. Not my car either. I rephrase. It's the family car keys, lol. Dont have money to buy my own car yet. With interest rates keep going up, up, up and up. Why bother buying some thing which i have no use for. Maybe just to make my porch looks better with a huge piece of metal there.

What's your dream car? I like the Volkswagen Beetle. Have always been, will always be. But i dont think i want to fork out so much for a car. Sigh.... one can always dream.

Guiling Gao

Guiling Gao is a kind of Chinese herbal jelly. Good to eat on a hot day. Guiling Gao has a bitter taste to it. Some people eat Guiling Gao with honey. The bottle with the brown liquid in it is honey. I do eat Guiling Gao with honey sometimes. Have you eaten Guiling Gao before? It's an acquired taste. Kinda like a love it or hate it thingy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pigeons on the pavement

These pigeons are very much oblivious to me snapping away at them. I was waiting for my friend who's having a hard time looking for a car park along the street. And that's when i noticed the pigeons on the pavement. I approached them slowly, scared i might frighten them away, lol.

Curious passerbys stopped to look at me. Thinking i must be mad to stand under the hot sun with my phone in hand. If only they know, haha. But who cares. Not that i have to let them know that i am a moblogger. Enjoy the pic.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dead bird

Found this dead bird beside the house. No idea how it ended up here. Maybe it once belonged to my neighbor, who has a lot of birds. To me, every bird looks the same. How to tell them apart? Only my freaky neighbor knows.

The thing now is i have to get rid of this dead bird before it starts to spread whatever killed it in the first place pronto. You know, bird flu and such. Dont play play. Can die from it, no joke. Now, where shall i bury it?