Thursday, March 13, 2008


I've never really liked roadside hawker food, especially lok-lok, or roadside steamboat. During my clubbing days, there was this stall right opposite the club i frequent. And each time i go there, i can see many people eating at the stall. They will dip the skewered food into the pot of boiling water, wait for it to cook, and finally, dip it into the satay sauce or chilli before stuffing it into their faces.

I really dont fancy the idea of everyone dipping their food into the same sauce before eating due to hygienic reasons on my part. Cos there are always those that will dip their uneaten pieces into the same sauce again and again. That's how diseases like hepatits A and B is spread, k. I really dont need to retch to bring anything up. One look at those people will do the trick. So, dont be stupid. Stay far far away from roadside lok-lok stalls. Unless you wanna screw up your health.

Somehow, things have changed now. I wont eat lok-lok until i see how it's being prepared and served. Unlike those days where it was more of a roadside thing. You can find lok-lok stalls at foodcourts. I took a chance an ordered some on one of my trips there. I told the stall owner to pour fresh sauce from the bottle for me and not from where people dip theirs into. And boy, it's really been a long while since i ate this. And yes, it delicious.

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