Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Supper's over

Had Lam Meen just now. Also ordered toast and milk tea. Feeling rather full now. The night is still early. Got a few things to wrap up before i can head to bed. This pic was taken with the O2 Zinc. It may not be the best camera phone around, but will do when the rest of my other gadgets' battery goes dead. With some tweaking with the settings, the pics are decent enough.

Not that i take pics with the O2 Zinc much. Still, it's a handy gadget with a slideout qwerty keyboard. I've ditched the N73 for the new N82. From now onwards. The rest of the pics here will be taken with N82. It really takes great pics. Just why i took so long to make the switch is beyond me, lol. Yayaya, the gadget queen is talking. Wonder what's gonna catch my eyes next...

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